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This Gun Dealer Fights
Illegal Trafficking

As published in the Public Record Newspaper, Philadelphia PA
April 22, 2010
By Jim Tayoun

BY TONY WEST/ For a gun dealer in Philadelphia, even one with a sterling reputation, life has its ups and downs.

On Mar. 30, Larry Haney, who owns the Shooter Shop in Kensington, received a letter of gratitude from the chief of the Gun Violence Task Force praising the dealer for his efforts to control illicit firearms trafficking.

On Apr. 2, Haney’s shop was surrounded by hundreds of religious protestors demanding he sign their 10-point program on how to run his business.

In the long run, says Haney, it’s the opinion of the DA’s Office that matters more to him.

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Below is a partial list of celebs that are pro gun.
If you know of somebody we missed, please contact us.

Bruce Willis
Steven Seagal
Chuck Norris
Tom Sellick
Leslie Easterbrook (Sgt Callahan, "Police Academy")
Conan O'Brien
Metallica (all of them)
Brad Gillis (guitarist, Night Ranger)
Ted Nugent
Sarah Michelle Gellar (sp?) (Buffy the Vampire Slayer)
Kurt Russell
Charleston Heston
Barbara Mandrell
John Wayne
Ozzy Osbourne



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